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Our offer


  • consultations with specialists
  • removable retainers
  • braces

Conservative and cosmetic dentistry

  • aesthetic composite filling
  • endodontics - root canal treatment
  • reconstruction of broken teeth
  • dental jewellery

Dental surgery

  • consultations with specialists
  • tooth extraction (removal)
  • surgical removal of retained teeth
  • resections of teeth roots
  • hemisections
  • resection of lesions and outgrowths of the mucous membrane in oral cavity, including histopathological tests
  • pre-prosthetic surgical treatment


  • ceramic veneers
  • reconstruction of broken teeth on crown-root inlays (metal, glass)
  • prosthetic crowns (porcelain, veneered metal, gold, zircon and full-ceramic crowns)
  • bridges (traditional and glass-support bridges)
  • dentures (acryl, flexible, frame, with press-stud fastening)
  • implant dentures


Application of implants is the latest method of reconstruction of tooth deficiencies, which makes it possible to achieve aesthetic appearance and comfort. Implants are made of titanium metal compatible with human tissues, i.e. they are connected in the process of osseointegration with oral cavity tissues. The invention of implants was a turning point in dentistry and inventors were granted Noble Prize. Implant treatment is divided into two stages, i.e. the surgical stage and prosthetic stage. The treatment is painless and local anaesthetic is applied.

Prophylactics and treatment of periodontal problems

  • scaling – removal of tartar with the use of ultrasounds
  • blasting, polishing
  • contact fluoridation
  • surgical periodontal treatment with the use of biomaterials

Teeth whitening

  • with the use of trays
  • with the use of BEYOND lamp in just 1 hour!
  • whitening of individual discoloured dead teeth
More about teeth whitening

Digital radiovisiography

The method makes it possible to take and analyse radiological pictures in a prompt and easy manner and archive the same. Compared to plate pictures, the radiation dose applied during exposure is smaller by 90% (instead of 1 plate picture, 4-5 pictures may be taken using the digital method). The time of picture taking is 2 seconds from exposition to appearance of the picture on the screen. Digital photograph.

Biostimulating laser

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