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The Rules

  1. Q- DENTAL uses procedures aiming at the highest level of services and compliance with patients’ rights relating to reliable information about health, type and scope of services. The patients’ data are confidential and are collected for treatment purposes exclusively. The data are protected by security software and employees of the clinic are obliged to confidential treatment of the data.
  2. During the first visit patients are requested to fill in a form relating to heath condition, medicines taken and contact data. It is very important to ensure patients’ safety during treatment. The information contained in the form is considered for the purposes of selection of treatment methods, anaesthetic type and medicines prescribed.
  3. Treatment is conducted upon the patient’s consent, which, pursuant to provisions on doctor’s practice, may be expressed orally, and the very behaviour of the patient, who surrenders to treatment without any doubts is understood as the patient’s will to surrender to the procedures. In the case of surgical and invasive treatment in Q –DENTAL, patients are requested to express their consent in writing.
  4. Before applying the treatment, the dentist is obliged to inform the patient about the method selected and possible risk connected with treatment as results from provisions on doctor’s practice. Q- DENTAL grants a warranty for prosthetic works upon the condition that the patient visits the clinic for regular check-ups every six months. However, the warranty does not cover the treatment results, as they cannot be guaranteed and provisions of law do not provide for such a warranty. The treatment effects depend on many factors, including the patient’s individual regeneration abilities, which are unique and unpredictable.
  5. The warranty conditions:
    • The warranty covers physical defects of the product and defects inherent in the product and it does not cover any defects resulting, in particular, from improper use of the product.
    • In the event that, during the warranty period, the product inherent defect is revealed, which causes defective operation of the prosthesis, the defect shall be removed gratuitously. The guarantor shall confirm justified complaint within 14 working days from notification of the defect.
    • The following defects are not covered by the warranty:
    • Changes in shape aesthetics and colour upon application of dental cement as accepted by the patient before the procedure during the last check-up
    • Prosthetic works, in which any changes were made without the guarantor’s consent
    • Damages caused by collisions or injuries
    • Damages caused by inappropriate use
    • Defects resulting from mechanical damage
    • Defects resulting from external factors
    • Periodical check-ups, repair and replacement resulting from normal wear and tear
    • Discolorations caused by nicotine and tartar resulting from negligence of hygiene
    • The warranty does not cover the condition of pillar teeth and treatment
    • The warranty is valid from the date of delivery of finished prosthetic works for the period of 5 subsequent years in the case of permanent prostheses and 2 years in the case of removable prosthesis. The clinic grants 1-year warranty period for fillings.
    • The failure to notify a defect within 30 days from its occurrence, shall result in loss of the rights resulting from the warranty.
    • The warranty holder undertakes to deliver the complete product, including a receipt, to Q-DENTAL
    • The exercise of warranty rights requires performance of the following activities:
    • Undergoing professional hygienic treatment every six months
    • Undergoing regular caries treatment (in the case of refusal of treatment, caries existing in other teeth will cause loss of warranty rights)
    The evidence of fulfilment of the warranty conditions referred to in paragraph 6 is the entry of check-ups and delivery of particular treatments in the warranty card as confirmed by a seal of Q-DENTAL and signature of the authorised person. The guarantor reserves the right to refuse to make repairs under the warranty due to the patient’s failure to fulfil the warranty conditions. This warranty does not exclude, restrict or suspend the rights of the ordering party resulting from incompliance of the product with the agreement.
  6. Appointments are confirmed on the office telephone, mobile, by e-mail or personally
  7. Patients are reminded of their appointments one day in advance by SMS message, provided that they have given their mobile numbers and expressed their consent.
  8. In the event that the patients fail to cancel their appointments at least 1 day in advance (by SMS, on the telephone or via e-mail), they shall be charged with a fee amounting to PLN 30.
  9. The patient, whose rights have been infringed during use of medical services, is entitled to file an oral or written complaint to the head of the clinic.
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